Privacy Policy

ICME Privacy Policy

At ICME, we are sensitive to your privacy. We wish to ensure that you receive the information, contents and experiences that matter most to you. ICME is obligated to keep the confidentiality of its members, customers, volunteers and other contacts safe.

Information collected

What information do we collect?

ICME collects the following personal data in line with the use purposes explained in a subsequent section:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Date of birth
  • Social media profile information
  • Education and professional information
  • Registration and participation in ICME events and activities
  • Subscription preferences
  • Information about the device(s) you use
  • Information about service usage
  • Cookies
  • Authentication data
  • Other information you upload or provide to us

How do we use your information?

ICME uses (and, where specified, shares) your personal information for the following purposes:

To provide information based on your needs and to respond to your requests. ICME may use your personal information to provide you with notifications of new product releases and service developments.

To provide online forums and social networks. Some services available on websites allow you to participate in interactive discussions, post comments, features, or other content on the bulletin board or in an exchange, or otherwise engage in online activities. Some of these services are moderated; all of them may be available for technical reasons (such as improvement or correction). ICME does not control the content that users post on these forums or social networks. You should carefully consider whether you wish to submit personal information to these forums or social networking sites and tailor any content you submit accordingly and in accordance with the terms of use. You should also review any additional terms that may govern your use of these services, including terms related to submitting your personal information and receiving communications.

To select content, improve the quality and ease of use of the Websites. ICME may use your personal information, including information collected through site navigation and electronic protocols and cookies (including third party cookies), to help create and personalize site content, improve the quality of the site, and track marketing campaign responses, evaluate the speed of response to the page, test for usability and facilitate the use of websites (e.g., to facilitate navigation and login, avoid duplication of data entry, improve security, track shopping cart additions, and save order information between sessions).

Serving personalized advertising for you. We do not share your information with advertisers without your consent. We allow advertisers to select the characteristics of users who will see their ads, and we may use any of the unidentifiable attributes we have collected to select an appropriate audience for that ads. When you click on an ad or otherwise interact with it, it is possible that an advertiser may place a cookie in your browser and that your attributes meet the criteria selected by the advertiser.

Update information about relevant ICME benefits, programs and features. ICME may inform you of relevant ICME benefits, programs and features available to you through your membership(s) in ICME.

To get feedback from you or to enter information. In order to deliver products and services that are of most interest to our customers, from time to time we may ask members, customers, volunteers, and site visitors to provide us with information and feedback (e.g., through surveys, usability studies, focus groups).

How can you control your information?

You can control the information we have about you and how we use it in several ways.

If you are a registered user, you can view, review and correct the personal information you have provided ICME with through ICME Account/MyProfile.

Use the unsubscribe method provided in our various communications.

Personal information about minors and children

ICME does not knowingly collect data on children under the age of 16 or on children under the age of 16 without parental/guardian permission. If we become aware that we have collected personal information about a child under the age of 16, we will delete that information as soon as possible. If you believe that we may have any information about a child under the age of 16 or about a child under 16, please contact us.

How will you know about the change in our Privacy Policy?

ICME may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by email if you have an ICME account or by notice on this Site before the change takes effect. We recommend that you periodically review this page to receive the latest information on our privacy practices.

Technical and Regulatory Information

Logging activities

ICME unconsciously enters the Internet protocol (IP) addresses of visitors. An IP address is a unique number captured by any computer on the Internet. In most cases, IP address is modified whenever you connect to the Internet (it is a “dynamic” address). However, please note that the presence of a broadband connection, in relation to your personal circumstances, the IP address that we staff can conclude the information that is possible to calculate the identifiable. This is firmly anchored in the fact that in some broadband connections your IP address is not modified (it appears to be “static”) and may exist in conjunction with your individual computer.

In addition to recording users’ IP addresses, ICME may also be able to track sites that users naturally visited on the eve of a visit to an ICME site, and search terms that they used to detect it. We track the pages we have listened to for the ICME site, the amount of time reported on those pages, and the image of search queries made on them. Your searches remain secret and anonymous. ICME disposes of this information solely for statistical purposes in order to find out which pages its users are looking for are mostly useful and to improve the website.

ICME records and stores the information that you transmit. This can make a connection to yourself:

  • Browser/ device type/version
  • Barooperative construction used
  • Media Access Control Addresses (MAC)
  • Anniversary and server request time
  • Size of reassigned granted

Effects of External Relations

Some of the FEME sites hold hyperlinks to other sites built and maintained by other national and/or own organizations. ICME provides these links indefinitely for your information and convenience. When you switch to an external website, you leave the ICME rank and ICME’s geopolitics on information management does not apply. ICME encourages you to consult the privacy statement of any external website you visit before transmitting any proprietary data.

Cookie Files

Cookies and web beacons are electric posters that are placed on your device by websites to track your personal currents for this site over time. ICME disposes of these cookies as session cookies (which are only stored during a user session), similar to long-term cookies (which remain on your device and provide information about the session you are in and wait for the next time, sometimes you use this site first).

These cookies and web beacons provide useful information for ICME’s sake, allowing us to recognize secondary users, making it easier for users to access and use our websites, allowing us to monitor usage, and balancing the use of our sites for all ICME web servers.

Third-party tracking cookies, third party cookies and other technologies, including web beacons, may be used to decorate additional information, connect non-core functions on the ICME site and connect third party functions (e.g., a “share” hyperlink on public networks). We may also connect web beacons and other similar schemes to email marketing information to determine if this information has been disclosed.

Aiding with authorities

ICME has declared and authorized the employee after confidentiality issues, some of whom transmit stabilizing devices within ICME and instead transmit them to ICME at regulatory authorities.

The post-confidentiality ICME Assistant will ensure the appropriate association with the appropriate stabilizing agency after confidentiality issues. The Post-Confidentiality Assistant will take the lead in conducting investigations, reviewing compliance and reporting data breaches. The Post-Confidentiality Assistant will take care of changes to the regulatory warehouse and consult with the regulatory authority in cases where, sometimes, the establishment of certain changes to the regulatory warehouse circuitry results in doubt.

Transfer of information to other powers

Jacob of the universal company ICME participates in a number of international events. Taking into account the management of this business, ICME can transmit information to other countries. By submitting your information to ICME through websites or in connection with your interaction with ICME offline, you consent to such transmission and to the processing of this information in other countries.

Your authority to protect your privacy in the European Union

Unanimously to the Corporate Defense Ordinance granted (Decree Yes 2016/679) (also famous as the GDPR), if you are a physiological person seeking around the defense of the GDPR, you may have conditional powers as a data subject. In order to ask for information about these rights or to use them, please send an electric notice after privacy@ieee. org with “GDPR Request” marked in the subject line. Here by the electric message please draw with the specific advantage of the GDPR with which you ask for help. Give your opinion, additional information may be requested regarding the basis of the request and that ICME retains the advantage of charging for conditional requests. At the end of the ICME’s review, you will be notified if your request has been granted, or if an exception has been rejected.

Your California powers for secrecy

Consonant with Section 1798. 83 California Code of Practice (also known as S. 27), if you are a resident of California and your business relationship with ICME is generally for personal, familial, or domestic purposes, you may ask for conditional materials about ICME’s discovery, if any, of your own information to third parties in the direct management of third parties. To make this request, please send an email notification to privacy@ieee. org marked “California Privacy Information Request” in the subject line. You are given the opportunity to work out this question before once every calendar year. If necessary, we will provide you by e-mail a price list of categories of individual data opened to third parties in direct management targets in the movement of naturally preceding calendar year, and yes, the names and addresses of third parties. We take care of your hobby to ensure that not all translations with your own information are subject to S.B. requirements. 27’s

If you have any questions, please contact us.