Report by Venston Huye, who spoke earlier at the conference on “Videoconferencing and its trend”.

What is video conferencing? A video conference is a session of communication between two users or a group of users, regardless of their location, with the participants seeing and hearing each other according to the rules defined by the type of video conference. Videoconferencing is held under the condition of using special means that can […]

Call the educational institution

The ICME 2019 Organizing Committee invites proposals for training manuals. We welcome half a day (about 3 hours each) of training on existing or new topics of interest, including (but not limited to): Design and creation of large multimedia data Deep learning for multimedia Artificial Intelligence for Multimedia Brain technology for multimedia Multimedia analysis, search […]

Call for applications

The creators are supposed to recommend a one hundred percent report document (two-column format, 6-page extreme). The parsing will be double-blind. Only electrical applications will be accepted. Please use this link to submit your application and the instruction provided to submit your application. Topics that convey interest include but are not limited to them: Unusual […]