Report by Venston Huye, who spoke earlier at the conference on “Videoconferencing and its trend”.

What is video conferencing? A video conference is a session of communication between two users or a group of users, regardless of their location, with the participants seeing and hearing each other according to the rules defined by the type of video conference. Videoconferencing is held under the condition of using special means that can […]

ICME 2019 – IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo

Contributing Volunteers Area Chairs Amy R. Reibman Andre Kaup Bo Luo Ce Zhu Cha Zhang Chengcui Zhang Chenggang Yan Cheolkon Jung Chuang Gan Cunjian Chen Dalei Wu Farzad Toutounchi Feng Xue Frederic Dufaux Ge Li Guiguang Ding Guojun Qi Hailin Shi Hanwang Zhang Houqiang Li Jelena Tešić Jian Ren Jianlong Fu Jianquan Liu Jingjing Meng […]