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The ICME 2019 Organizing Committee invites proposals for training manuals. We welcome half a day (about 3 hours each) of training on existing or new topics of interest, including (but not limited to):

  • Design and creation of large multimedia data
  • Deep learning for multimedia
  • Artificial Intelligence for Multimedia
  • Brain technology for multimedia
  • Multimedia analysis, search and recommendations
  • Fine grained analytics and description of multimedia content
  • Multimedia and Language
  • Social and cloud multimedia
  • 3D multimedia and AR/VR
  • Multimedia and metrics quality assessment
  • Multimodal / multi-touch media computing and human-machine interaction
  • Multimedia communications, networks and mobility
  • Multimedia security, privacy and forensics
  • Multimedia software, hardware and application systems
  • Multimedia standards, trends and related issues

Proposal Format

Study proposals should be in PDF format and include the following information:

  • Title of the training manual
  • Names of instructors and their connections.
  • Scope and keywords of the training manual (see above list of topics)
  • Abstract for 300 words (for advertising and registration purposes)
  • Full textbook description (max. 4 pages, including learning objectives, textbook outline, detailed modules, target audience, necessary preliminary knowledge, importance and relevance of the textbook, etc.).
  • a summary of the instructors (max. 4 pages each, including publications relevant to the proposed curriculum and a list of textbooks provided earlier at other conferences/seminars)