Call for applications


The creators are supposed to recommend a one hundred percent report document (two-column format, 6-page extreme). The parsing will be double-blind. Only electrical applications will be accepted. Please use this link to submit your application and the instruction provided to submit your application. Topics that convey interest include but are not limited to them:

  • Unusual intelligence for multimedia
  • Multimedia for health and community
  • Multimedia and vision
  • Multimedia and dialect
  • Multimedia and freshly baked signal processing of meters
  • Multimedia analytics, search and references
  • Public and cloudy multimedia
  • 3D multimedia and AR/VR
  • Critique of multimedia and metrics property
  • Multimodal media computation and interaction between the uncle and the hardware
  • Multimedia communications, bonding and fickleness
  • Multimedia Security, Secrecy and Forensics
  • Multimedia software, hardware and application settings
  • Multimedia standards, focus areas and issues combined with them